6 times Jennifer Lopez was hair goals

Style and beauty icon.
Pop star.
Jennifer Lopez is like a fine wine - she just gets better and better with age.
The 53-year-old seems to don immaculate hair and makeup whenever she sets foot out into the outside world, so we thought we'd put together a little dossier of her hairstyles that have literally made us swoon.
*Hair goals*
Let's do this.
JLo's main stylist, Chris Appleton, has divulged that hair extensions are a bit of a secret weapon when it comes to that extra va va volume.
Chris actually gives a tutorial on how to achieve this bombshell look here on his YouTube channel.
The ol' half pony is another signature look for this KWEEN. If you're keen to give this one a crack, the key is... Brush the hair up along the same angle as your jawline. 
Srsly. 53 going on what, 28? Pulling off space buns in spectacular fashion.
This divine, sleek look is achievable with the blessed Mermade Blowdry Brush.
Bit of a 60's vibe here. Frothing.
Short voluminous styling with face framing layers. Another one the Mermade Blowdry brush would be ideal for.

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