Your definitive guide to styling products

Decisions decisions!
It's so easy to be sucked in when there's a pretty bottle and big promises from different haircare brands when it comes to buying the right styling product to achieve the look you want.
Fear not, style-searcher.
We have created the definitive guide of styling products so you can work out exactly what you need.
This bad boy is for any complete style. For extra firm hold that won't damage the environment.
Whether you've got a Hollywood Waves situation or a 90s blow-out look, your locks will hold firm for the day.
When you want volume, you really needn't go any further than Redken's Guts 10.
Applying to the roots while damp and then blow-drying with a big, fat round brush will ensure you get that 90s blow-out down pat.
Texture and volume for DAYS.
This styling powder creates a lasting hold like no other. Apply to the roots of your styled or teased hair before smoothing out, to get serious volume up top.
With anti-humidity properties to prevent a fly-away situation, this spray will give you that post-styled shine like those hair models in the ads.
A gloss finish is what you want for your style, and De Lorenzo delivers.
Did you know that dry shampoo ain't just for dirty hair? It's also a winning way of creating texture, say for a beachy waved look.
This one is a great option if you are planning to do some extra squirts of hair spray while you're mid-process styling your hair - EG if you're curling your hair with curling tongs, and you spray your hair with this BEFORE you brush the curls out.
Osis+ has a brush out feature, which means your brush should easily glide through without that crunchy, bunchy feel that hairsprays can often have a tendency for, and it won't ruin your curls.

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