Your haircare routine may be ruining your hair

We all just want that super silky, shiny, strong and bouncy hair that stops traffic, right? IS THIS TOO MUCH TO ASK?!

There’s so much info out there on the interwebs about the best haircare routine, but what if what you’re doing is actually making matters WORSE?

Here is a selection of hair no no’s that could be contributing to damaged tresses…

1. Not changing up your haircare products regularly

Changing up your hair products could be the key to silky strands. Why? Well, our bodies tend to adjust and adapt to a certain product after a while. So that magical elixir that once made your dry locks hydrated may stop working after you’ve gone through three bottles… That means it’s time to sitch. it. up. So if you're using Everescents Organics, try perhaps moving to De Lorenzo... (Both natural, vegan haircare options without the nasties!)

2. Using any old towel to dry your hair

Did you know that your average cotton towel can actually strip moisture from your locks, AND wet hair is actually weakened and more prone to damage. UGH. Consider switching it up to use a microfibre towel, which have tinier fibres much finer than hair, which means they can dry without the damage.

3. Warm water rinses

HUH? Seems so innocuous?! Ok so the last thing we feel like doing in mid-winter is rinsing our hair with COLD water, BUT that is the recommendation for closing the hair’s cuticle, forcing cells to lay on top of each other.

4. Conditioning the whole head

Did you know that you don’t need to condition near your roots? It’s true. All you need to do is focus on the ends. Conditioner can actually make your hair greasy if you move to far up the shaft. Looking for a REALLY GOOD conditioner that strengthens your bonds and hydrates the hair? Davroe's new Fortitude range will keep your hair happy.


5. Brushing wet hair

As we mentioned earlier, wet hair is easier to damage. So it would stand to reason that brushing wet hair could cause unnecessary damage, right? So brush your hair before you wet it, and for the shower part, you can use a wet brush, like Tangle Teezer’s Wet Detangler Brush.

Well that’s prob an info overload for you, but these mind-blowing tips may help save your delicious locks from damage! BOOM.

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