Your travel haircare guide for Euro Summer 2023

Guys, European Summer is upon us... 
Flocks of us are preparing for a summer getaway abroad for the first time since before Covid hit... And we don't know about you, but we're a bit out of travel-packing practice!
So if you're one of the lucky many who is opting for a second summer in 2023, let's have a squiz at some important haircare tips while travelling.
1. Moisture is key
The plane ride, the dry, hot summer air, the ocean... These are all the elements of an exciting getaway, but not so much for your hair. Keep dryness and damage at bay by moisturising your hair before the flight, and bring a hydrating shampoo and conditioner combo in your suitcase. We'd also recommend packing a mini hair mask.
Davroe does a Moisture Senses Travel Pack, complete with travel size treatments for your thirsty locks. 
plane hair
2. Avoid washing your hair every day
It's not easy to wash your hair every day while you're travelling around anyway, but in the case that you have the chance... DON'T. 
hair care travel
Washing your hair daily can strip your hair of natural oils needed to keep hair hydrated and healthy. Try and keep washing your locks to a minimum unless...
3. Always wash your hair after swimming
Whether it's a pool or the ocean, you want to make sure you're getting rid of excess salt or chlorine after a swim, to avoid damage and dryness. 
4. Use a heat or UV protective spray to shield your locks from nasties
Summer = sun damage, water damage, wind damage... You get the picture. What if you could protect your hair from the elements with a simple spritz. Well, you can. Make room in your suitcase for Alfaparf Style Stories Thermal Protector. You can use this before you go out, and before styling your hair.
5. Blonde hair? Keep brass at bay with travel sized blonde care
Nobody wants their beautiful colour fading to brass and ruining a perfectly good instagram shot! Keep your blonde game strong on your trip with a travel sized blonde care kit:
greek islands
6. Be sexy style game ready at all times with these one percenters
Have a bad hair day while abroad? 
claw clip
Need to wash your hair but a shower is out of reach?
Hello Dry Shampoo:
Brush out a soft wave or wet locks with the versatile Tangle Teezer Original Brush.

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