GlowbyBeca, founded by Rebecca, is a trusted brand among many men, women, and celebrities. Her tans and products have been featured on TV shows, fashion magazines, online publications, social media, and fashion events.

With fourteen years of experience in the beauty industry and owning her own salon, Beca believes that self-tans are the best tanning option for healthier skin and body. She envisioned creating a product that can provide a glowing and vibrant tan without causing long-term damage while nourishing and hydrating the skin.

GlowByBeca is committed to offering "more than just a tan" and uses 100% natural DHA, Peta Approved, Australian-made, and only natural and organic ingredients. The fast-drying, non-sticky, and odorless chocolate-based tanning solution is rich in vitamins, and the home care product range includes Rosehip oil, Macadamia oil, Aloe vera, and Shea butter to provide lasting hydration and a long-lasting tan.

GlowbyBeca takes pride in creating a product that not only makes people look amazing and feel great but also feeds their skin.