A guide to caring for bleached hair

If you've had your hair coloured, chances are you've had your hair bleached.
And chances are you would be well aware that bleach can cause some damage, particularly if you neglect your hair care routine off the back of your colour treatments.
So here we are with a list of ways to care for your bleached hair it doesn't, ya know, fall out or whatever.
1. Slugging
Hair slugging is a bit of a hair care trend at the moment. It involves oil and a sock...
2. Washing your hair
Try and wash your hair only once or twice a week at max.
3. Beached
Avoid chlorine as much as humanly possible - or if you're into swimming for exercise, try lathering your hair with coconut oil and throw on a swimming cap.
4. Tone
Use a purple shampoo - but don't go overboard.
A little recommendation, if we may - L'Oreal's Chroma Creme Purple Shampoo.
5. Repair
Use a repair mask - K18 should be your bestie.
6. Sleeping beauty
Sleep your pretty head on a silk pillowcase
7. Style queen
Try not to use heat styling tools ALL the time.
8. Protect
Use a heat protectant spray before you style. EG De Lorenzo's Thermal Shield.
9. Cold showers
Try to wash your hair with cool or luke warm water rather than piping hot. Heat = damage.

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