Are you a sucker for natural hair care? We got you, boo

natural haircare
If you’re looking to care for your hair with natural, vegan and/or sustainable haircare products, you are not alone!
As the world becomes more environmentally focused, so too are our values when it comes to what we put in or on our body.
With that, we have a huge range of clean, natural and organic products at Hair Gang to look after your hair's (and the environment's) every need.
Alfaparf’s newest line is a range of high performance and sustainable hair treatments with a view to contribute to an environmentally friendly lifestyle. Packaging is designed with reduced environmental impact, while products are developed with hyperfermented natural active ingredients which are vegan.
Organic and Australian, EverEscents products contain up to 96% certified organic ingredients which are naturally derived. Their goal is to reduce toxic chemicals in cosmetics. All products are vegan.
Sulfate-free, paraben free and cruelty free, Paul Mitchell’s Clean Beauty range is completely vegan and is made with a high level of natural origin ingredients, including organic botanicals. Clean Beauty packaging is also made with 90% bio-based plastic, reducing the use of fossil fuel resources, leaving a smaller carbon footprint.
Belonging to the same parent company as EverEscents, Ethical Brands Co, Clever Curl is designed with a majority of organic, naturally sourced ingredients and is totally vegan.

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