BACK UP PLAN: What to do when you don't have dry shampoo

So you're running late for work, but your hair is unforgivably greasy and grotty. Your dry shampoo stash is all used up... WE HAVE REACHED CRISIS POINT.
Never fear! We have got your back.
Here's a list of things you can do when you don't have dry shampoo at the ready.
1. Corn flour
Yep, your back up plan is in your pantry!
Corn flour (or starch) is a great alternative to dry shampoo, thanks to its absorbant nature... And it doesn't smell.
Just sprinkle and wiggle in through your roots and bam. Work day ready.
Got dark hair? Easy - add a bit of cocoa powder to the mix. 

2. Bicarb soda
EVERYONE has a box of this in their fridge!
Apparently mixing this in with the corn flour can be a winner.

3. Baby powder
A well known and reliable dirty hair companion.

4. If all else fails...

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