Everescents Should Be on Your Shopping List. Here's Why!

Are you looking for hair care products that are ethical? How about ones that don't use dangerous chemicals to achieve great results? Maybe you want something that uses Certified Organic ingredients. Everescents is the answer.

With 75-96% certified Organic ingredients, Everescents is vegan-friendly, cruelty-free and environmentally friendly. So you don't need harmful chemicals to achieve beautiful, shining, healthy hair. Here's why you need some Everescents in your life!

Natural, essential oils

 Many of the standard hair care products you find in the supermarket are like fast food. They might be cheap and even give your hair a great temporary look. But ultimately, they're no good for you or the environment.

 When you use products on your skin, whether it's hand cream or shampoo, half of the product absorbs into your skin. So for that reason alone, it's just not healthy to pour harmful chemicals onto your scalp every week. With Everescents' essential oils, you absorb something natural rather than chemicals into your skin.

 Cruelty-free haircare products

Buying products that aren't tested on animals is a big consideration for many people. That's just one of the many reasons people choose Everescents. No products are tested on animals, and the brand is accredited with Choose Cruelty-Free as an ethical hair care manufacturer.

The fact is, if something isn't healthy for humans, people shouldn't test it on animals. Everescents uses natural products that are always safe for humans, meaning no animal testing is necessary. Hair Gang is proud to stock brands with this commitment!

Vegan friendly

Have you made a switch to a vegan lifestyle? If so, you'll need to find hair care products that are vegan-friendly. However, even if you've chosen to be vegetarian, or you have a love for animals without making the full vegan lifestyle change, you'll still be pleased to know that Everescents is cruelty-free.

Think again if you've heard that vegan products aren't as effective as chemical-filled products on supermarket shelves. Everescents proves you can get luxurious, healthy hair care products and still be vegan-friendly.

 Environmentally conscious

 You might be noticing a hair trend. Everescents is pretty big on being known as an ethical hair care company. From being vegan-friendly and cruelty-free to using sustainable manufacturing processes, Everescents wants to be part of building a better world.

 The brand uses refillable and recyclable packaging. It also uses plant materials over chemicals. As a result, no synthetic production is required, which minimises the brand's carbon footprint.

 Everescents is the ethical choice

 Hair Gang absolutely loves being a supplier of Everescents haircare products. So whether you need shampoo, conditioner, styling creams or anything else to keep your hair looking and feeling great, Everescents is the only name you need to know.

Say goodbye to all the harmful chemicals you've put onto your skin and wash down the sink. There's now a healthier, more ethical way to keep your hair beautiful.

Check out the Everescents range at Hair Gang today and why so many people switch to ethical hair care.

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