How to Get the Most Out of Your Everescents Shampoo!

Everescents shampoo is a natural alternative to the harmful chemical shampoos on supermarket shelves. The great thing is that it works. But unfortunately, many people think they have to sacrifice some quality if they want safe, natural hair care products.

 That’s not the case because we believe Everescents shampoo is up there with the very best cleansers on the market.

Using between 78-96% Certified Organic ingredients, Everescents is better for your hair, skin and body. But once you’ve made the switch to natural products, how do you ensure you get the most out of the experience? Surprisingly, it’s pretty easy. Here are some tips for achieving healthy, beautiful hair with Everescents.

Refillable bottles

 Do you like saving money and doing your part for the environment simultaneously? The Everescents team is always trying to develop ways to make hair and beauty products more sustainable and eco-friendly. That’s why we sell all of our products in refillable bottles.

 The Replenish Initiative is a program that allows you to visit a local salon that stocks Everescents and refill your products easily. Also, most salons give you a nice discount too!

 Use a range of Everescents products

 As we mentioned, the problem with many salon brands and supermarket shampoo is the number of chemicals in there.

For a start, most use Sodium Lauryl Sulphate and Propylene Glycol. These chemicals in tandem help to create a foamy product, which gives you the illusion of cleaning your hair better. They also help to draw water to the shampoo, which again helps with that foamy experience.

 The problem is that these products also strip the hair of natural oils. The foam might look great, but it’s not cleaning your hair any better than the natural ingredients in Everescents shampoo. They can actually cause a range of problems such as skin irritation, dermatitis, corrosion of hair follicles and much more.

So, for the best effect when using Everescents shampoo, try not to pair it with chemical-laden conditioners and styling products because all your natural cleaning is somewhat undone. Instead, use as many natural products as possible to maintain truly clean and healthy hair.

 Visit Hair Gang for Everescents shampoo today

 Check out the Everescents range at Hair Gang today. If you’re ready to switch to healthier, natural hair, we’ve got all of the amazing Everescents products you need.

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