Make Your Curly Hair Shine With the Clever Curl Haircare Range!

The popularity of curly hair is on the rise. Nowadays, curly heads are more encouraged to keep their natural locks instead of trying to straighten them.

 However, curly hair is more prone to dryness and frizz. That is why it needs special care. This is exactly what Clever Curl haircare products offer.

 Clever Curl range is part of EverEscents, the leading organic haircare brand. It is highly specialised in curly hair.

 All Clever Curl products are formulated to enhance your naturally curly hair and give it personality. With Clever Curl products, you will ensure that your curly hair remains adequately hydrated.

 This will make your curls look healthy, shiny, and bouncy.

Here is how Clever Curl products will make your curly hair shine:


 Today, most hair care products contain sulphate. For example, it is the cleaning ingredient in shampoos. Sulphate should wash away the dirt, oil, sweat, and grease from your hair and scalp.

 However, sulphate is a harsh element. Therefore, it can be found in industrial cleaning products. That is why sulphate causes hair frizz and dryness.

 At Clever Curl, they understand how sulphate strips curly hair of its natural oils.

 That is why all Clever Curl products are sulphate-free. Instead, they contain other natural cleaning elements that are not as harsh on the hair and scalp.

 Silicone Free

 Using silicone will provide the hair with a temporarily enhanced appearance.

 That is why silicone is a part of most mainstream hair care products today. However, over time silicone will build up over the hair.

 It will create a coat that makes it hard for nourishing and hydrating elements to reach the hair.

Silicone-containing hair products must be washed with harsh detergents, such as sulphate. Clever Curl haircare range will end this damaging vicious cycle for you.

Clever Curl does not offer hair care products that provide short-term gain and cause long-term issues. That is why all Clever Curl products are silicone-free.


 Clever Curl products do not contain anything that may cause dryness to reach that ideal hydration level for your curly hair.

This includes drying alcohol. Other haircare brands use alcohol as it helps the product spread through the hair. However, the use of alcohol causes curly hair dryness and frizz.

Not all types of alcohol are bad for your hair. Some alcohols are even considered beneficial for curly hair. These are known as fatty or moisturising alcohols.

This is because they draw more water into the hair. That is why selected fatty alcohols are included in Clever Curl products.

At Hair Gang, we deliver the best global hair and beauty products across Australia.

 We are your ultimate hair and beauty destination for professional products that fit your lifestyle. Our team is committed to bringing you premium quality products at the most affordable prices.

 Bring your curls back to life. Order your Clever Curl products now!

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