Peggy Sue To The Rescue

Summer is officially out, and winter is in. Say hello to warm beverages, hearty meals, hot showers, and unfortunately…dry skin. As always, here at Hair Gang HQ we like to have solutions to your hair and beauty problems. So, this week we are chatting about the beauty brand Peggy Sue.


Founded on the South Coast of New South Wales, Australia, Shanah and Alysha have created an ethical beauty brand, run by women, for women. All products are organic and packaged in solid printed glass bottles (good for you and our planet!).

The range was born out of the idea to give women beautiful moments of self-care by indulging in the ritual that is a skincare regime

So, let’s get into the products that will hydrate, nourish, and support your skin this winter.

1. Bath and Body Oil 


We all want glowing, healthy skin so that means one thing – Hydration! Let us introduce you to Peggy Sue’s beautiful Bath and Body Oil.

This baby is filled with a luxurious blend of Organic Coconut and Jojoba oil, rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids to help improve your skin's elasticity and hydration levels.Use it directly on your whole body for moisture, or add it to your bath for a relaxing and indulgent experience.

This oil is also lightweight enough to use on the ends of your hair to protect dry, splitting ends. Pro Tip: You can even use it on your nail cuticles - Oh, so versatile. Shop here.

2. Pink Facial Exfoliant 
Skin feeling flaky and dry? It is likely you need to remove the surface layer of dead skin with an exfoliant (you can thank us later).

Peggy Sue’s Pink Facial Exfoliant is made up of gentle exfoliating Jojoba beads, teamed with pink clay. The beautiful blend of ingredients offers effective exfoliation without the harshness of typical abrasives found in other exfoliants. The addition of the pink clay works to pull out toxins, bacteria, and skin-damaging free radicals which will leave your skin feeling radiant, silky smooth, and feeling loved.

This product includes milk thistle for strengthening skin cells, fighting against skin redness and rosacea. There are also no parabens, sulphates, synthetics, or artificials. So it is perfect for babes with sensitive skin.
Shop here.

3. Facial Cleanser 
Say hello to your new best friend! This rich creamy facial cleanser instantly gets to work to dissolve dirt, remove daily pollutants, excess oils and makeup, while comforting your delicate skin. This product can be used day and night, helping your skin to stay clean and radiant. Shop here.

4. Sunrise Facial Cream and Sunset Facial Cream

If you haven’t got the hint yet, the key to combating winter's dry skin is hydration. Using a moisturiser morning and night will help you to maintain hydrated and glowing skin.


Wake up with the Sunrise Facial Cream. A rich formula that not only hydrates the skin but boosts antioxidant levels and fights free radical damage. Packed with skin-loving ingredients including Rice Protein, and Vitamin A + E infused Wheatgrass to repair skin tissue, reduce dark circles and firm the skin – Yes, please! Shop here.


Go to bed with the Sunset Facial Cream, enriched with a beautiful blend of Australian Native Peach, Kakadu Plum, and Lilli Pilli, to help hydrate and repair damaged skin cells while you sleep. The calming aroma of Lavender, Chamomile, and Bergamot make it the perfect pre-sleep ritual for a blissful night's sleep. Sweet dreams! Shop here.

5. Blemish Spot Remover 


Pesky breakouts are never fun and let’s be honest, they happen to the best of us. 

Peggy Sue’s Blemish Spot Remover is a beautiful gel enriched with Australian Tea Tree and lemon myrtle, which works to kill surface bacteria while pineapple and white willow bark get to work to dissolve dead skin, preventing future breakouts. Shop here.

6. Lip Exfoliant and Lip Conditioner


The cooler weather is a killer for our lips, leaving them high and dry but there are two products that will ensure your lips are plump and oh so kissable.


Wipe the slate clean by buffing away any dead skin cells with the Peggy Sue Lip Exfoliant, this stella product restores and hydrates the lips for long lasting protection while also increasing blood circulation, leaving lips looking plump and full of life. Shop here.


Once you’ve prepped and primed your lips, it’s time to nourish and condition with Peggy Sue’s Lip Conditioner. A gorgeous blend of natural, vitamin-rich ingredients that work to deeply hydrate and restore lips, while protecting them against the outside elements. It also comes in a beautiful bamboo twist tube that we know you will love! Shop here.

To discover the range of Peggy Sue products, click here.

Enjoy, love the Hair Gang Team xo  

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