Shampoo That’s Good for You and the Environment

Today, you do not have to feel guilty every time you wash your hair. EverEscents offers natural shampoos that are good for your hair and the planet. Shampoos filled with harsh chemicals are not just harmful to the environment. These chemicals will also damage your hair. Natural hair care products, like EverEscents, are becoming extremely popular.

 Caring about the environment does not mean compromising the quality and effectiveness of your shampoo. Unlike other natural shampoos, EverEscents has reached the perfect balance. It provides shampoos that are natural, organic, and work.

Here is how EverEscents shampoos are good for you and the environment: 

Natural Organic Ingredients 

At EverEscents, they minimise the number of chemicals in their shampoos. Instead, they use more natural, organic ingredients. As a result, their eco-friendly shampoos contain between 75 to 90 per cent organic ingredients. 

That is why they are gentle on skin and hair. You do not also have to worry about the shampoo going down the drain. In addition, the natural ingredients will not harm the wildlife or surrounding environment. 

You can rest assured EverEscents shampoos will not cause eye or skin irritations. They are the best choice for people with sensitive skin, like infants or the elderly. 

With natural ingredients, such as proteins, essential oils, vitamins, fruit extracts, EverEscents shampoos contain amazing nutrients. They can also be used safely on coloured hair. 


 The main concern at EverEscents is the well-being of the animals and the environment. That is why they do not test their shampoos or products on animals. 

They also use plant-based ingredients for all their shampoos and hair care products.

People who care about animal welfare buy EverEscents shampoos. They know their money will not contribute to hurting animals. 

Choose Cruelty-Free Australia also accredits EverEscents. This way, you rest assured all EverEscents shampoos and haircare products are made ethically.

 Refillable and Recyclable Packaging

 EverEscents is passionate about the planet. That is why waste reduction is a top priority for them. You can refill your EverEscents shampoos at your local salon.

The EverEscents shampoo bottles are not made of single-use plastic. On the contrary, they are custom designed to make their refill and re-use easy. 

Australian Made

 One of our main goals at EverEscents is to support local businesses and help the Australian economy grow. That is why all their shampoos and hair care products are Australian made.

 Reducing import also contributes to decreasing their impact on the environment.

 At Hair Gang, we are your ultimate hair and beauty products destination. You can rely on us to get the best products across Australia.

 We are committed to bringing you exclusive professional products that fit your lifestyle. You can rest assured you will get premium quality products at affordable prices with us.

 Protect the planet while retaining beautiful, healthy hair. Order your EverEscents shampoo now!

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