This Organic Conditioner Will Change Your Life (And Your Hair!)

Have you been told all of your life that those expensive ‘salon-style’ conditioners you see in the supermarket are the only way to achieve beautiful, healthy hair? Well, we’re pleased to let you know there is a much safer, more natural alternative. Everescents conditioner is organic natural and leaves your hair looking and feeling great.
Don’t just take our word for it, though; try it yourself today! Here are just a few reasons why Everescents conditioner will change your life and hair for the better.

It’s completely organic!

 Everescents products are made from between 75-96% Certified Organic materials. The remaining percentage is also natural. Rather than using chemicals and synthetic materials like most other brands, Everescents focuses on using plant-based materials to develop conditioner that leaves your hair stronger, healthier and looking amazing. 
Remember, 50% of the products you put on your skin are absorbed into your body. SO, keep it natural and choose Everescents! 

Healthier, stronger hair

 While those salon brands promise healthy hair, the opposite is often true. They may create the temporary illusion of full, vibrant hair, but all those chemicals make your hair brittle and weak. So, of course, you need to buy more and more of those ‘vibrant’ hair products to maintain your desired look.
 When you use the all-natural formula of Everescents conditioner, you don’t get that damage to your hair. The ingredients are all sourced from the world around us, meaning they won’t strip and damage your hair as chemical formulas do. 

Cruelty-free and vegan friendly

 If you love ethical hair care products, you’ll fall in love with Everescents. Committed to protecting animals, Everescents uses no animal materials and is certified Cruelty Free. If you’re vegan and want products that share your values, look no further!

 Great for sensitive scalps

 Many of the chemicals in normal shampoo and conditioner cause irritation to the scalp. Nobody likes scratching their head all day, so go for a more natural product. Everescents looks and smells great, and it won’t cause damage to your scalp. If you’ve got dry hair or sensitive skin, you’ll love this formula. 

Australian made

 Everescents has built a reputation for producing quality hair care products that are completely natural and great for your hair. Best of all, they do it right here in Australia. 
For over ten years, they’ve been developing cruelty-free products, vegan friendly and guaranteed not to harm your hair the way other chemical formulas do. So if you love supporting Aussie brands, Everescents is one you’ll love!

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 We’ve got a huge range of Everescents hair care products that are environmentally friendly, organic and great for sensitive scalp. No matter what your hair type, you’ll find the perfect product from Everescents.
 Check out the Everescents range at Hair Gang today. You, too, can support ethical thinking while treating your hair to some of the most luxurious products on the market.

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