GOLDWELL Dual Senses Bond Pro Day & Night Booster | 75ml

GOLDWELL Dual Senses Bond Pro Day & Night Booster | 75ml

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Hair ten times more resilient? I'd like to see that

This bad boy contains the highest concentration of Inter-Amino-Bond-Builder in the Bond Pro Range. If that is gibberish to you, all you need to know is that you are in good hands.

Reducing breakage and split ends BY UP TO 99%, hair will be 10 times more resilient.

AS WELL as all that, it is instantly detangling and makes #CombLyf easier, even on damaged ends.

Versatile as all get up, you can use this on damp or dry hair during the day and overnight.

The only thing this stuff can't do is cook you dinner and do your vacuuming.

Please note: Ingredients may differ from what is listed on our website. From time-to-time brands reconfigure formulas without notice. Ingredients can also differ if it is a coloured product. Please refer to the ingredients list on each individual product packaging for most up to date list of ingredients.

Hair Types ‣ All Hair Types
Benefits ‣ Repair, Hydration, Colour Protection

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