Vani-T Tan Eraser Mousse

By Vani-T
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Five minutes and your tan will be GONE Tan

So you've botched your tan job, or your spray tan is close to the end, and has started to fade in a patchy little pattern.

Once upon a time you may have had to simply ride it out with time (and an excessive amount of exfoliation) - but NOW? Vani-T's TAN ERASER MOUSSE with active fruit enzymes and Guarana will leave the skin flawless soft and smooth, and TAN FREE. NO harsh ingredients, NO excessive scrubbing. 

In trails users agreed: 90% highly effective in removing self tan. 85% skin looked and felt smoother after use. 90% would purchase product again. 

Directions: Apply tan eraser to dry skin. For best results use tan eraser 3 days post self tan application. Pump foam into palm and apply liberally to dry skin. Leave on the skin for at least 5 minutes. Shower with warm water, using a wet face cloth to wipe away tan. For more stubborn areas, use VANI-T Exfoliating mitt to gently remove any remaining tan.