A guide to growing out your hair

short hair cut
Short hair cut regret?
Maybe you're just a bit over your short style, and it's time to grow it out...
Well, here is everything you need to know about growing out your hair as quickly as possible.
short hair
Firstly, it's worth noting that hair grows at roughly half an inch per month, so keep that in mind if you feel you're getting impatient!
Get regular trims
Seems counterintuitive, right?
It's an important step, however, to trim your hair every eight weeks or so to remove split ends. Those split ends, if left, will creep up the shaft and lead to breakage and dryness, and ultimately prevent your hair from growing longer and looking healthy.
Dry hair carefully
Your hair is most vulnerable when it is wet. So if you take to it with a brush or a blow-dryer while it is still dripping, this can damage the hair. Try to wait for your hair to be at least 80% dry before taking to it with either tool.
Minimise heat styling
Heat + hair = damage. Unfortunately heat styling tools can lead to damage. If you absolutely NEED to heat style your hair, make sure you spray it with heat protectant before you style. (Hello NAK Hair Thermal Shield).
Don't over wash your hair
Over washing your hair can strip it of its natural oils, which can reduce growth. Keep to washing your hair once to twice per week, depending on your hair type and whether you have scalp issues.
Use a scalp scrub
Scalp scrubbing can stimulate the follicle and promote growth. A simple scalp massager will do, but you can also use a scalp stimulating scrub:
Get your hands on the right products
If you're hoping to speed up the growth process somewhat, you can look to growth promoting shampoo and conditioner duos, like these bad boys:

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