Micellar water for your hair? Yep

Usually when you hear the words “Micellar Water”, you think about your skin care routine. Right?
But what if I told you you this all-rounder can also be used on your hair?
Mind = blown. (Unless you already knew this, in which case, mind = not blown).
For those who don't know, micellar water is a gentle, non-rinse cleansing option that can be used on hair to remove impurities, dirt, and excess oil without stripping away natural oils.
It can also be used as a pre-shampoo treatment to help detangle and soften hair.
As if that wasn’t enough, it can also be used to refresh hair in-between washes and remove styling product buildup.
Who does this apply to?
Well, every hair type.
But it may be especially beneficial for those with dry, damaged, or colour-treated hair, as it can help to nourish and protect the hair while cleansing it.
If you want to give this bad boy a crack, we have plenty of options:

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