2023: The year of the bob

2023 has only just begun, but we've already noticed a shift among the trendsetters in tinsel town.
It seems more glaringly obvious than ever that 2023 might just be welcoming back an old friend: the bob.
hailey bieber
We've seen the likes of Hailey Bieber jump on the bandwagon, while "it-girl" Jenna Ortega and actress Lily James both debuted their chops at the Golden Globes earlier in January.
jenna ortega
Another super star who's taken the plunge is singer Lizzo, who showed her wispy, short locks off in an Instagram post.
Most recently, channelling her inner Posh Spice, Megan Fox revealed a new long bob with a friend and ashy blonde colour.
megan fox
Let's see where the rest of this year takes us but it certainly looks like short and bobby are back in style.
lily james

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