Bubble bobs, micro bobs and 90s bobs... Oh my!

We're not sure if you've cottoned on to this trend yet, but the bob seems to be EVERYWHERE.
Every day a new celeb is taking the plunge and chopping her locks to rock 2023's biggest hair trend, and we're not mad about it.
Who knew that there were so many different types of bobs though?
We've looked at the extreme blunt bob, the classic bob and the French bob... We've even looked at how you can rock a super short wolf cut bob.
But wait, there's MORE.
Here are a few other styles of bobs that are making headlines this year:
1. The bubble bob
bubble bob
Sorry, what? What is the bubble bob haircut?
We're glad you asked! Think rounded edges with volume at the roots. This type of bob has integrated middle layers that help create an airy "swing" to the shape.
bubble bob
How to style a bubble bob:
Firstly, you're going to want a Blow Dry Brush, to help create the "round effect". For volume, use a volumising product before blow drying - like NAK Hair's Volume Foam.
bubble bob
2. The micro bob
What is shorter than a bob haircut?
Enter the micro bob. This is the ultra-short version of a bob, sitting pretty around the cheekbone and chin length. This cut is being touted as "Winter's hottest hair trend" and we are on board baby.
micro bob
How to style a micro bob:
Use a flat iron like the GHD Original Styler to create soft waves. Brush them out with a Tangle Teezer Ultimate brush and spritz through a texturising spray, like NAK Hair's Dry Texture Spray for extra movement.
3. The 90s bob
The 90s bob has arisen! 
90s bob
This bob is pretty short, with plenty of texture to create an edgy vibe - structured, yet soft. This bad boy is one you'd style with a deep side part to get the full 90s effect.
How to style a 90s bob:
Focus on getting volume through the roots with the Bondi Boost Blow Out Brush, and texturise with Davroe Cloud Texturing Volume Powder.

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